1. What kind of betting tips do you offer?

We provide 3 different kinds of tips. Asian Handicap based on Insider resources, Fixed Odd tip sourced by soccer underground syndicate and correct score tip based on match fixing information.

2. How can i make payment for the tips?

We are using a third party payment company, they provide multiple kind of payment channel. The most common one will be PayPal and Moneybooker.

3. What happen after payment is done?

Once payment is done with the payment company we will receive a notification and we will send of the purchased tip to your payment email. If you need any changes of the email please contact us in advanced.

4. What happen when the tip i purchased lose or draw?

All purchased of tips come with double replacement policy for losing tip, for cancelled, postponed, not odds available or draw we will provide 1 replacement tip the next match day.

5. Any more question?

Please contact us here for any other questions or feedback.

Insider soccer win bets

Based on Asian Handicap
Average odds 1.94
Average hits rate 77%
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Syndicate soccer win bets

Based on Fixed Odd
Average odds 2.40
Average hits rate 82%
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Match Fixing correct score

Based on Exact Score
Average odds 18
Average hits rate 94%
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